Changes in the social, health and employment spheres in 2014


The subsistence level for persons living alone and for first family members increases to EUR 90 per month. The subsistence level for the second and each following family member will be EUR 72 per month. In 2013, the...


Changes for employers in the payment of sickness benefit

As of 01.07.2009, the procedure for the payment of sickness benefit will change, applied for certificates for sick leave according to which leave from work begins on 1 July 2009 or later.


Novel influenza hotline +3725102270

The Estonian Health Protection Inspectorate has created a telephone hotline for questions about the novel influenza A/H1N1 (human swine influenza).


Influenza pandemic preparedness level not changed in Estonia

As of today Estonia continues to implement the action plan for influenza pandemic preparedness at phase 5 level 1. This means that no widespread community-level outbreaks of influenza are found in Estonia or other countries with...


We advise you to avoid visiting regions affected with novel influenza virus if possible

Although no explicit prohibition to travel or any other additional restrictions have been imposed on travellers due to the occurrence of cases caused by the novel influenza virus (A/H1N1) spreading around the globe, we recommend...


The procedure of sickness benefits changes in July

The law amendments that concern compensation for days spent on sick leave enter into force on July 1st. The main change is that employees will not be paid compensation for the first three days on sick leave and compensation for...


The launch of the national children’s help line 116 111

1 January 2009 saw the launch of the national children’s help line 116 111. The help line will allow people to inform the authorities of any children in need when they need it and will offer both children and adults useful...


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