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Ministry of Social Affairs (1 Suur-Ameerika tn)


The joint building of ministries is located at 1 Suur-Ameerika tn. It is used by the public servants of the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Social Affairs. 

The joint building is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on working days. The building has two entrances: from Suur-Ameerika tn and from Pärnu mnt. The joint building is easily accessible by public transport: Kosmos and Vineeri are the nearest bus and tram stops and Lilleküla is the nearest railway station. 

Visitors of the joint building must be registered by the administrator on the basis of an identity document. Moving through the lobby to meeting rooms generally requires an attendant. When moving through the lobby to meeting rooms, visitors are generally accompanied by an attendant.

Accessibility of the joint building


Entrances are at street level, but visitors in wheelchairs are recommended to enter from the entrance on Suur-Ameerika tn, which has automatic sliding doors. The maximum opening of the sliding door of the main entrance is 120 cm. 

Tactile paving is being placed on the side of the building by Pärnu mnt. Turns are marked by dome tiles and an additional path is marked starting from the disabled parking space. When entering from the exterior doors of the joint building, main paths on the ground floor leading to the administrators in the lobby have been marked with anti-slip tape; after registration, the main paths lead through turnstile gates to the meeting rooms and toilets of the ground floor. Meeting room Kuusk on the ground floor is equipped with appliances for people with impaired hearing.

Larger meeting rooms, the press room, the conference room, and the café are located on the ground floor of the joint building. The canteen is located on the first basement floor and is accessible by stairs or a lift.

Lifts are accessible to and usable by people in wheelchairs.

Dimensions of the lift:

  • depth: 150 cm
  • width: 150 cm
  • door: 89 cm

Width of the turnstile gates: 89 cm

The disabled toilet is located on the ground floor and is marked with the symbol of a wheelchair on the door. The doorway does not have a threshold and it complies with international disability standards.

Parking by the joint building

The joint building is located in the paid parking zone of the city centre. Passengers can exit and enter vehicles in the so-called pocket on the side facing Suur-Ameerika tn or on Väike-Ameerika tn.

Disabled parking spots are located on the side of the building facing Pärnu Road on an area behind a barrier (two spots, 15 m from the Pärnu mnt entrance and ca 30 m from the Suur-Ameerika entrance). When visiting the joint building, you can use the parking spots on the territory with barriers to stop or park your own car or a servicing car. To do so, please inform the inviting public servant of this beforehand.


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Last updated: 5 February 2018