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Development Programme and Plan of Action of the Ministry

Our mission

The mission of the Ministry of Social Affairs is to develop a living environment, where everyone has equal chances to live in dignity.


Our vision

We see Estonia as a sustainable and innovative country, which is socially and economically balanced, characterised by viable family relationships, common social cohesion, and high-quality living environment that is the foundation for the social sense of security, well-being, and a high standard of living. The decrease of Estonian population has stopped, and the growth rate would be positive.

Estonia's society will continue to relish the fundamental values and would be open and understanding of cultural and social diversity. Members of society cherish and develop their living environment, making sustainable and rational use of resources, offered by our environment. Estonia would offer a favourable economic environment for investors. Thanks to the improvement of the living environment and the increasing value of health, people would be able to work more efficiently and be economically and socially active until the great age. Intergenerational and mutually supportive relations will allow everyone to enjoy the feeling of security. Competitive professional vocational and higher education system that takes the requirements of economic sector into consideration and life-long learning have improved the preparedness of people and ability to adjust themselves with the development of living environment, resulting in enhanced productivity that will be accompanied by considerable increase in income levels.

We can see how the Estonian society consists of independently sustainable people, who:
  • have the opportunity for self-fulfilment through work, studies, and leisure;

  • have self-respect; they are creative and shape positive relationships with their family members, friends, and others loved ones, as well as to all community members;

  • enjoy health-conscious life-style; they value mental and physical health of both themselves and other members of society.

If people run into problems with social security, it is our responsibility to provide them with adequate social support system's allowance / service, which lets them continue their independent living in dignity among their loved ones.

Development plans of the Ministry

Basic grounds for the pursuits of social security sector

We operate in the field of social security, where we have set for ourselves five strategic objectives:

  • to ensure people's economic prosperity and their good work;
  • to ensure people's social coping and development;
  • to support the well-being of children and families;
  • to promote people's mutual care, equal opportunities, and gender equality;
  • to ensure people's long and high-quality life.


Last updated: 4 October 2017