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The International Labour Organisation

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is an agency of the UN, the creation of which was approved on 11 April 1919. Estonia was a part of ILO from 1921 to 1937 (then voluntarily stood aside from the activities), and then recovered its membership rights on 13 January 1992.

Today, ILO has four strategic main objectives:

  • promote and implement professional standards, as well as fundamental principles and rights at work;
  • create greater opportunities for women and men for decent employment and income;
  • enhance the coverage and effectiveness of social protection for all;
  • strengthen tripartism and social dialogue.

The Estonian ILO Council

The Estonian ILO Council was established on the basis of Article 2 of the ILO Convention concerning Tripartite Consultations to Promote the Implementation of International Labour Standards (No. 144).

Deputy Secretary General on Labour and Employment Policy of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Janar Holm is Chairman of the Estonian ILO Council. Proposals and positions of the ILO Council are presented to the Government of the Republic through the Minister of Health and Labour.

Last updated: 7 June 2017