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Introduction to the Ministry and our structure

The mission of the Ministry of Social Affairs is to develop a living environment, where everyone has equal chances to live in dignity.

  • OUR VISION: We see Estonia as a sustainable and innovative country, which is socially and economically balanced, where viable family relationships, common social cohesion, and high-quality living environment would be the basis for the social sense of security, well-being, and a high standard of living. The Estonian population decline would have been stopped, and the growth rate would be positive.
  • OUR VISION: Estonia's society would continue to relish the fundamental values and would be open and understanding of cultural and social diversity.
  • OUR VISION: Estonia would offer a favourable economic environment for investors. Thanks to the improvement of the living environment and the increasing value of health, people would be able to work more efficiently and be economically and socially active until the great age.
  • OUR VISION: Everyone would feel safe, thanks to intergenerational and mutually supportive familiarity.

We can see how the Estonian society would consist of independently sustainable people, who:

  • have the opportunity for self-fulfilment through work, study, and leisure;
  • are respectful and creative, shaping positive relationships with their family members, friends, and others loved ones, as well as to all community members;
  • live health-consciously, valuing their own mental and physical health, as well as health of other members of the society.
  • If people run into problems with social security, it is our responsibility to provide them with adequate social support system's allowance / service, which lets them continue their independent living in dignity among their loved ones.

We operate in the field of social security, where we have set for ourselves five strategic objectives:

  • to ensure people's economic prosperity and their good work;
  • to ensure people's social coping and development;
  • to support the well-being of children and families;
  • to promote people's mutual care, equal opportunities, and gender equality;
  • to ensure people's long and high-quality life.

Ministry of Social Affairs

  • Compiles solution plans for the state's social issues and manages their implementation.

  • Designs and implements the policy in the field of social security, ensures timely and targeted granting and payment of social insurance benefits.

  • Manages social insurance and welfare services.

  • Develops and implements the working life and labour market policy, in order to ensure prevailing of people with long-term working capacity and employment.

  • Organises the protection of public health, as well as medical care.

  • Promotes the equal treatment of women's and men's equality, in order to incorporate different social groups into the life of the society.

  • Deals with social welfare and social security issues of disabled people.

  • Coordinates the formulation of policies on children's rights and child protection, and organises international adoptions.

  • Shapes the family policy, which sets a priority of collocation of working life and private life, as well as parental education.




Structure of the Ministry of Social Affairs

Last updated: 28 January 2021