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The main role of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the promotion of employment is the establishment of labour market policies and the organisation of the implementation thereof. A high employment rate is a prerequisite for a coherent society and continuous economic growth.

Working is important for the personal fulfilment of each person and for increasing each person’s ability to cope. Considering Estonian demographic trends, it is very important to promote an inclusive labour market where everyone can participate. The national labour market policy provides support with a wide range of services and allowances. It is important to invest in skills, support target groups whose position is weaker on the labour market and help people stay longer in employment.

Considering changes in the labour market and economy, it is important, in addition to measures provided to unemployed people, also to prevent unemployment. To that end, the state pays increasingly more attention to the employed persons who need support for the preservation of employment or for preparing to find new employment, as well as to the employers who wish to develop the skills of their existing employees. The objective is to help people move to jobs with higher added value with the support of refresher trainings and retraining. 

Last updated: 12 June 2017