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Labour Inspectorate

The Labour Inspectorate is a government agency operating within the area of  government of the Ministry of Social Affairs whose main functions are to: 

  • arrange for the exercise of state supervision in the working environment over compliance with the requirements of legislation regulating occupational health and safety and labour relations and apply enforcement by the state on the bases and to the extent prescribed by law;
  • exercise market supervision over safety of the personal protective equipment in use  in the working environment and over ensuring its protective properties at manufacturing and sale;
  • exercise supervision over investigations of occupational accidents and diseases and over the implementation of measures for the prevention of occupational accidents  and diseases;
  • investigate fatal and in case of need serious occupational accidents and diseases and analyse their causes;
  • collect statistics of accidents at work and make analysis thereof;
  • resolve individual labour disputes pursuant to procedure prescribed by law;
  • take decisions in cases prescribed by law on giving or witholding approval;
  • carry out and resolve petitions of persons on working environment issues.


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Last updated: 12 June 2017