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Competition of application ideas for personalised medicine will bring together participants from 14 countries

For the first time in Estonia, the Ministry of Social Affairs, in cooperation with Buildit Business Accelerator and Garage48, have organised the international competition of application ideas for personalised medicine called “Idea Garage – Personalised Medicine Solutions”, which will take place on 13th June in Tartu. personalised medicine is a field that helps to better prevent and diagnose diseases, as well as to provide specific patients with more accurate treatment according to their needs. At the competition, there will be selected the idea solutions based on personalised medicine that would help to promote a variety of medical and health care-related issues.

According to the e-services development and innovation deputy secretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs Ain Aaviksoo, Estonia has unique advantages for the development of personalised medicine, which, when skilfully exploited, would increase not just health benefits, but also the science and the economy. He said, "Taking into account the world's current developments and planned investment volumes, Estonia will have, for about three to four years, the advantage of using the people's positive attitude towards innovations and being among the world's pioneers in the field of personalised medicine. However, this requires the active creation and testing of personalised medicine's new applications." 

The competition will take place in the novel format of the Idea Garage by Garage48, where, courtesy of its mentors' advice and teams' efforts, there will be selected the ideas on how the approaches based on personalised medicine could help in solving a variety of medical and health care-related problems. Among the competition's participants, there are students, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors etc. As of today, a total of 120 participants from 14 countries have registered to the event's finals. The competition has received 28 application ideas, and the best of them will be selected at the event's finals.

"With the idea competition, first of all, we want to get an overview on where exactly one sees opportunities of applications in personalised medicine, as well as to try how such a format of the competition would work for generating and evaluating ideas. The idea competition is not a one-off event. After taking into account our first time experience, we wish to make it regular", the minister explained the competition arrangement.

The competition is a part of preparatory activities for the pilot project called “Personalised medicine implementation in health care for years 2016–2018”. Its organisation is supported by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the TerVE programme, which is being realised by the Estonian Research Council.

Idea Garage will take place on 13th June at 10:30 to 18:00 in Tartu Health Care College. Further information and contact:'
Rene Tõnnisson
Buildit Accelerator
Tel: +372 5029873

Armo Vask
Ministry of Social Affairs
Adviser on Media Relations
Tel: 626 9304
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