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Ossinovski: e-Health solutions will allow for more personal and efficient treatment

Modern health care systems and better medical care requires a more extensive use of electronic health data, stressed Jevgeni Ossinovski, Minister of Health and Labour, at today’s OECD health summit in Paris.

Using big data in health care has enormous potential in terms of providing more personal and thus more efficient treatment. “In this digital age, health care systems, as well as people’s personal digital lifestyles create a large amount of data,” said the Minister. “This allows for better tracking of people’s health statuses, better preventive health advice, as well as systematic tracking and support of chronically ill patients.”

At today’s meeting with his European colleagues, Ossinovski introduced Estonia’s e-Health programme, the purpose of which it is to create people-centric health care by using electronic health data movement. “During the EU Council Presidency, Estonia’s priority is precisely digital Europe, which means that e-solutions and the information society will be promoted in all policy areas of the European Union and the single digital market will be put into its final form,” added Ossinovski.

For this purpose, a high-level conference on e-Health “Health in the Digital Society. Digital Society for Health” will be held on 16–18 October 2017 in Tallinn. It will focus on using big data and digital solutions in health care.