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In co-operation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Unemployment Insurance Fund, job mediation will be offered to those short-term foreign workers who have lost their jobs in order to more flexibly match the labour supply and the need for seasonal labor.

The provision of job mediation helps to reduce seasonal labour shortages

From today, it is possible for those short-term foreign workers s who are currently unemployed, but have the right to continue working in Estonia in case they find a job to receive job mediation from Unemployment Insurance Fund. Previously, an employee had to be at a previous job to receive a job mediation from Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.
tervishoiu erakorralised kulud
28.04.2020|Ministry of Social Affairs

The government approved the allocation of 213 million euros to cover extraordinary health care costs

The government approved the allocation of 213 million euros to cover extraordinary health care costs. In total, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund will be allocated more than € 213.2 million from the 2020 supplementary budget to cover extraordinary health care costs, of which nearly € 40.7 million will be for temporary incapacity benefits and € 172.5 million for the health care system.

The Government approved the measure for supporting employers and workers in difficulties because of the corona virus

The Government approved the measure for supporting employers and workers in difficulties because of the corona virus
Baltic Health ministers
12.03.2020|Ministry of Social Affairs

Health Ministers of the Baltic States: we are working closely together to limit the spread of coronavirus

The Baltic health ministers Tanel Kiik, Ilze Viņķele and Aurelijus Veryga adopted a joint statement on coronavirus stressing the importance of solidarity and mutual support between the countries. Ministers reaffirm their intention to provide mutual assistance to improve health system preparedness as well as to cope with possible outbreaks.
11.03.2020|Ministry of Social Affairs

Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik presented to the government the suggestions on how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

On the 28 of February, Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik sent the Members of the Government the suggestions on how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The workgroup led by the Minister of Social Affairs also proposed to expand the regional capacity for testing against the coronavirus and install infrared cameras to the airport and harbour to detect the potentially infected persons among those arriving from risk areas. 
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07.10.2019|Ministry of Social Affairs

21 million euros of additional financing will be allocated to social security and regional development

Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein together with Estonian co-financing will invest a total of 21.2 million euros to physical activity of children, social security and regional development in Estonia. The activities of the European Economic Area and Norwegian Grants programme „Local Development and Poverty Reduction” also deal with educational support services to local governments, introducing restorative justice measures when dealing with children and youth at risk and preserving cultural heritage in historic town centres.
Sotsiaalminister Tanel Kiik ILO peakonverentsil
13.06.2019|Ministry of Social Affairs

Minister Kiik: employees must be placed at the heart of future of work

The Minister added that the digital revolution in the world of work can also lead to occupational safety and health risks, for the prevention of which a digital work information system is being developed in Estonia, helping employees, employers and different agencies to prevent risks arising from the working environment by exchanging information between different databases.
08.02.2019|Ministry of Social Affairs

Genome Project: 100,000 samples collected, in 2019 at least 50,000 more people can join

In 2018 more than 100 000 new participants have joined the genome project. The state will allocate another 2.3 million euros for 2019 to enable at least 50 000 more people to join the Estonian Biobank. In the next phase of the project during the years 2019-2022 the plan is to integrate genetic data as a part of the everyday medical practice, to give people feedback about their personal genetic risks.   
21.01.2019|Ministry of Social Affairs

Finns can buy medicines with a digital prescription in Estonia

From today, January 21, it will be possible to buy prescription medicines from Estonian pharmacies with a digital prescription issued in Finland. Estonians will have the opportunity to buy prescription drugs outside Estonia by the end of 2019. Estonia and Finland will become the first two countries in Europe to exchange digital prescription data.
"Today we have enough knowledge about both the genetic risk of complex diseases and the interindividual variability of the effects of medicines in order to start using this information systematically in everyday healthcare," said Jevgeni Ossinovski, Minister of Health and Labour.
20.03.2018|Ministry of Social Affairs

Estonia Offers 100,000 Residents Free Genetic Testing

Estonia has started a program to recruit and genotype 100,000 new biobank participants as part of its National Personalized Medicine programme. Effort aims to develop personalized medicine in national healthcare.