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Aprilli algusest on kõikidel ravikindlustatud inimestel võimalik patsiendiportaalis vaadata endaga seotud raviarveid.
04.04.2016|Ministry of Social Affairs

Medical bills now available in the patient portal

Since early April, all individuals insured under the health insurance scheme may view the medical bills related to them at the patient portal 

Even today, personalised medicine would allow for more accurate prevention and treatment

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Social Affairs, physicians discussed at the conference in Tallinn, what practical opportunities for health care are being opened up due to rapid developments in personalised medicine. Personalised medicine helps to find as much individual preventive or treatment plan as possible for everyone.

Competition of application ideas for personalised medicine will bring together participants from 14 countries

For the first time in Estonia, the Ministry of Social Affairs, in cooperation with Buildit Business Accelerator and Garage48, have organised the international competition of application ideas for personalised medicine called “Idea Garage – Personalised Medicine Solutions&rdquo