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Patient’s portal and health information system

Strategic objectives of the development of E-Health services assemble into a whole the development of health, welfare and labour market e-solutions.

Upon the creation of e-services, general development trends and principles of the development of the e-state, as well as the development opportunities of entrepreneurship and research and development activities in the field are taken into account.

The E-Health service system comprises the state database Health Information System, as well as IT devices and applications processing health data (including information systems of health service providers, hand-held devices, Internet of Things, etc.). 


Patient’s Portal

The patient’s portal located on the website is an access to the national health data database. The patient’s portal is a part of the health information system, where health data, which the providers of health services have entered with regard to the users, is located.

Persons entered in the Estonian population register, had, for the first time, the opportunity to check in the health information system their existing health data through the patient’s portal at the end of 2008. 




In the Patient’s Portal, the patient can:

  • See the prescribed and bought out medicines;
  • See their health data, i.e. medical records composed and entered into the health information system by the attending physicians;
  • Book and cancel doctor’s appointments;
  • Order reminders concerning booked doctor’s appointments;
  • Appoint representatives for the performance of activities (for instance for buying out prescription medicines);
  • Inform simultaneously all medical institutions about changes in their contact details.
  • Present declarations of intention;
  • Check by name who and when the health data was viewed.



Health information system

Data collected in the course of the provision of health services are stored in the health information system (TIS). Since the launch of the health information system in December 2008, more than 25 million health documents (health histories, notices) are stored and more than 300 million events registered.

E-services created on the basis of the health information system allow the provision of an improved health service and provide a good overview of treatment processes and health data to both healthcare professionals and patients. A central system of the health information system belongs to the state; the Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for its operation and development.

Additional information: compositions of data concerning documents entered into the health information system and the condition and procedure for the preservation thereof. 

Last updated: 6 June 2017