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Public Health

The Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for the development and management of public health policy. Public health is an inter-sectoral field, the aim of which is to increase people’s life expectancy, improve their quality of life, and reduce health inequality.  

Health means not only the lack of illness, but also social, physical, and mental welfare. The improvement of national health requires mutual systemic efforts across different fields. Public health improvement measures are carried out at the national, county, and local level. Numerous fields, such as consumer protection, internal security, education, economy, healthcare, child protection, labour market and social services, contribute to the development of public health.

Ensuring positive changes in public health requires:

  • Monitoring and analysing national health and the factors it is affected by;
  • health empowerment of individuals, communities, and localities;
  • development of policies and living environment supporting public health at the community, local, regional, and national level;
  • development and provision of services contributing to public health;
  • health promotion and environmental health activities.

Last updated: 7 November 2017