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Services organised by the state

Special care services

Special care services are intended for people with psychological special needs. Special care services are funded from the state budget through the Social Insurance Board. Read more about the content, application procedure and service providers of special care services, as well as other information on the website of the Social Insurance Board.

Special care services include:

  • everyday life support service;
  • employment support service;
  • supported living service;
  • community living service;
  • 24-hour special care service, including on the basis of a court ruling. 

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Social rehabilitation service

The social rehabilitation service is a social service that is provided to persons with disabilities or with no work ability in all age groups. This service is additionally provided to children, who have been ordered to receive the service by the juvenile committee.

Complex services are, above all, intended for people with difficulties arising from several simultaneous special needs or disabilities. The objective of the service is to make independent living, in a manner chosen by the person, easier. 

More detailed information is available on the website of the Social Insurance Board.

Technical aids

The technical aids service is a state welfare service aimed at all people with special needs, who are experiencing difficulties related to a disability in participating in daily life. The technical aids service is a service funded from the state budget, in the framework of which the state compensates for a part of the purchase price or rent of the technical aid.

A technical aid is a product or device which allows to prevent the aggravation of an occurred or congenital damage or disability, compensate for functional impairment caused by the damage or disability, improve or maintain physical and social independence, operational capacity and work ability.

Please visit the website of the Social Insurance Board for more detailed content of the technical aids service, application thereto, service providers and any other information regarding the service.

Last updated: 1 February 2019