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Work ability support system

Work ability support system



In case you feel that your work ability has decreased you should go to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund for further assessment. The assessment has three possible outcomes: full ability, partial ability or no ability.

You need to have visited your general practitioner, a medical specialist or an occupational health doctor in the six months prior to submitting an application for the assessment of your work ability.

After that, you can fill in an application for work ability assessment and send it to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.



The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund offers people with decreased work ability benefits and services.

People with partial or no ability have the right to receive work ability allowance.

For a person with partial work ability the allowance is 7,86 euros per day and for a person with no ability it is 13,79 euros per day. Accordingly, that is approximately 235,81 euros or 413,7 euros per month (30 days).



The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund offers benefits and services to employers, who have hired or are planning to hire employees with limited work ability.

Employers can apply for wage subsidies, social tax compensations for people with decreased work ability, adjustments of workspaces and work equipment and compensations of employee’s training costs.

Last updated: 11 August 2020