Bilateral relations


Bilateral relations

The Norway Grants contribute to strengthening cooperation between Norway and the beneficiary countries. Bilateral partnerships between public and private institutions, NGOs and research institutions in the donor and beneficiary countries are widely encouraged. In order to facilitate such cooperation, 243 000 Euros have been set aside at the national level and each programme has set aside at least 1,5% of the grant for that purpose.

At the national level, the fund for bilateral relations is managed by the National Focal Point in accordance with a  work plan agreed upon by the donors.

Bilateral funds for the programme Domestic and Gender-based violence are managed by the Programme Operator in accordance with a work plan that has been drafted in cooperation with the Programme Partner.

50 000 euros have been set aside for that purpose and of which 1/3 will be used in 2013 by the Programme Operator to facilitate networking between Estonian and Norwegian entities.

The rest of the funds will be made available to Project Promoters from the small grant scheme in 2015 to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between Estonian and Norwegian organizations and to strengthen networks between the two nations.

Bilateral relations fund

The aim of the Fund for Bilateral Relations is to facilitate and support bilateral cooperation between entities from Estonia and Norway as well as international organisations.
The Fund for Bilateral Relations for the programme EE11 “Domestic and Gender-based Violence” is administered by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia, i.e. the Programme Operator, in cooperation with the Norwegian Directorate of Health, i.e. the Donor Programme Partner.
The programme will be implemented in co-operation with the Norwegian Directorate of Health as a Donor Programme Partner (DPP). The DPP will play an active role during the implementation of the programme to ensure that the expected outcomes are achieved.  The role of the DPP is mainly to facilitate the process through technical expertise, collecting contributions in the field of potential projects and creating meeting points and contacts with potential Norwegian research and resource environments and PO.
 The bilateral cooperation is encouraged in all the projects.

Call from the bilateral relations fund

The call was open from February 10 until September 30, 2015.
4 applications were submitted on time. 1 application was withdrawn by the applicant. 3 applications are under eligibility check. No grants have been given out yet.
The call for proposals aims at:
 - improving mutual understanding between Norwegian and Estonian organizations (at individual, organizational or community levels);
 - providing opportunities for the transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices;
 - providing shared results, i.e. involving both Estonian and Norwegian entities in the planning and implementation of the initiative as   equal partners and having both contribute to the achievement of the outcomes.
 - raised awareness of general public, i.e involving or providing good practices for media and journalists in the initiative is therefore encouraged.
Applications must be submitted at least 30 workdays before the activities are planned to start.
All activities connected to the initiative must be finished by 31 March 2016.
Support from the Fund for Bilateral Relations is available to all of the Grantees who have received a grant for their project from the Programme.
The total amount of the grant that will be distributed is 50 000 EUR.
The maximum amount of support that will be distributed to one applicant is 5 000 EUR.
An applicant may submit multiple applications as long as the cumulative amount requested does not exceed the set limit of 5 000 EUR.
The grant rate is set at 100% for all applicants.
All applications that pass the administrative and eligibility criteria check will be evaluated by 2 members of the Selection Committee of the Programme - a representative of the Programme Operator and a representative of the Donor Programme Partner.
Applications must be presented on the application form provided by the Programme Operator, filled out in English and include all relevant supporting documentation regarding the proposed activities.
Please read carefully the guidelines and annexes before filling in the application and all relevant documents. 
- GUIDELINES for applying for support from the Fund for Bilateral Relations (139.32 KB, DOCX)
- Application form (Annex 1) (131.75 KB, DOCX)
- Cooperation agreement (Annex 2) (109.5 KB, DOC)
- Eligibility criteria (Annex 3) (106.48 KB, DOCX)
- Evaluation form (Annex 4) (109.42 KB, DOCX)


Pille Ruul, Programme Coordinator, Department of Equality Policies, Ministry of Social Affairs

E-mail: pille.ruul/@/, Phone: (+372) 626 9817

Irje Tammeleht
Programme Chief Specialist, Department of Equality Policies, Ministry of Social Affairs

E-mail: irje.tammeleht/@/, Phone: (+372) 626 9814

List of potential partners in Norway

List of potential partners in Norway is available HERE (481.26 KB, PDF).
For further enquireis and contacts please contact the programme coordinator pille.ruul/@/

Donor Programme Partner

The Donor Programme Partner (DPP) is the Norwegian Directorate of Health. DPP has played active role in facilitating cooperation between Norway and Estonia, matching and finding suitable project partners from Norway to the project promoters and applicants as well as being an advising and professional partner to the programme operator. There has been regular and tight contact, discussing and sharing ideas about the implementation of the Programme. DPP has played an active and professional role in the selection process of the open calls and small grant scheme as an appointed member of the Selection Committee during the implementation period.DPP has also provided with other necessary contacts and information of the field.
Please find more information about the Norwegian Directorate of Health HERE.


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