Domestic and Gender-based violence


Programme information

  • Programme operator
    The Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Donor Programme Partner
    Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • Programme budget
    €2,352,941, of which
    €2,000,000 Norway Grants and €352,941 natioanl co-financing
  • The end of the programme
    30 April 2016

Main objectives of Norway Grants:

  • to contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area

  • to strengthen relations between Norway and the Beneficiary States to the mutual benefit of their people

Main objectives of the programme    "Domestic and Gender-Based violence"

prevention and tackling of gender based violence in Estonia through

  • the reduction of gender-based violence and
  • supporting of the victims of trafficking




Pre-defined projects
Open calls
Small Grant Sceme
  • Domestic and gender-based violence

NGO Estonian Women Shelter's Union

  • Trafficking in human beings and sexual violence

NGO Eluliin

NGO Living for Tomorrow

  • Domestic and gender-based violence

Estonian Institutue of Open Society Research NGO

  • Trafficking in human beings and sexual violence

Estonian Sexual Health Association

  • Domestic and gender-based violence

Tähtvere Public Women Center NGO

Jako Training and Councelling Center NGO

Pärnu Women's Shelter NGO

  • Trafficking in human beings and sexual violence

Tartu Children Support Center

Eesti Abikeskused NGO



  • Rainer Rohtla
    Programme coordiantor
    tel: +372 626 9814


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