Fund for Bilateral Relations

The aim of the fund is to facilitate and support:
• search for project partners from Norway and development of such partnerships
• exchange, sharing and forwarding of the knowledge, experience and best practices between the project promoters and Norwegian institutions.

Initiatives supported by the fund for bilateral relations are expected to increase mutual understanding, increase exchange of views and knowledge and promote cooperation on individual, organizational and community level.

Supported types of activities are:
• participation in conferences, seminars, courses, meetings and workshops
• study trips to Norway
• involving experts from Norway
• use of external advisory.

The fund for bilateral relations for the programme “Public Health Initiatives” is managed by the Programme Operator (Ministry of Social Affairs) in cooperation with the Donor Programme Partner (Norwegian Institute of Public Health).

Finished projects
1) NGO Ole Terve Selts "Partnership building for social marketing campaigns on healthy lifestyles"
2) Foundation for School Health Care in Tallinn "The possibilities of drug prevention among youth on locality level – implementation of the most effective methods and best practices in long-term intervention programmes, based on the experience of Drammen and Tallinn"
3) NGO Karskusliit "FASD – learning from international experience"
4) NGO Peaasjad "Study Visit – Best Practises in Youth-Led Mental Health Initiatives"
5) National Institute for Health Development "Practical Examples of Public Health Communication Strategies from Norway and Estonia"

Viimati uuendatud: 27. Jaanuar 2017