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The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is placed directly under the Ministry of Health and Care Services. The Institute has five scientific divisions; Infectious Disease Control, Environmental Medicine, Epidemiology, Mental Health and Forensic Toxicology and Drug Abuse Research plus a division for Public Relations and Institute Resources.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health collaborates with sister institutions, universities, organisations and health authorities in low- and middle-income countries on capacity building, health surveillance and research. The institute co-operates with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and follows up on relevant matters in the WHO, EU, EEA, Norwegian High North policy and Nordic cooperation.
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health is a scientific advisor for the relevant Ministries and Nord on issues regarding global health.

The NIPH acts as a national competence institution for governmental authorities, the health service, the judiciary, prosecuting authorities, politicians, the media and the general public on issues related to forensic medicine, physical and mental health, prevention of communicable diseases and prevention of harmful environmental influences.

The NIPH will be a driving force in improving the population’s health and quality of life and preventing illness and injury.

Vision: a healthier population 

The main goals are to:

  • be prepared for acute health threats
  • advise and provide services that improve public health
  • have an overview of the health of the population and factors influencing public health
  • gain knowledge of what causes common diseases and what gives people better health

The NIPH bases its advice and services on research and health surveillance. The work is based on these core values; professionally sound, reliable, innovative, open and respectful.

Goals of Mental Health division

  •  Conduct research that meets a high international standard
  • Monitor the mental health of the population and study influential risk and protective factors
  • Offer research-based advice for the promotion of mental health to, among others, the government, the health authorities, health professionals and the municipalities
Contact information:
Norwegian Institute of Public Health
PO Box 4404 Nydalen
N-0403 Oslo
Phone: +47 21077000
Fax: +47 22353605

Text comes from the webpage of Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
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