Public Health Initiatives


The Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the Norwegian financial mechanism 2009-2014 was signed on 8 June 2011 by the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Estonia. According to the memorandum, Estonia receives €23 680 000 from Norway in the form of grant assistance. €8 912 000 of that support is allocated for the implementation of the programme "Public Health Initiaitves" 

The main activities are related to the improvement of the mental health services, access to and quality of health services for children.


General Information

  • Programme Operator
    Department of Public Health in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Financing
  • Programme Partner
    Norwegian Public Health Institute
  • Programme Grant
    €10 848 706, Grant 8 912 000
  • National Co-Financing
    €1 000 000
  • End of Programme
    30 April 2016
  • Contact
    Elis Haan, Project Coordinator
    Phone:+ 372  62 69 156
    e-mail: elis.haan|a|

General Framework

The priority areas of action should include prevention, detection and treatment of
mental health and lifestyle related disorders with primary focus on children. The actions
are planned in areas and in manner that build a network that is sustainable after conclusion of current program period

  • Improvement of mental health services, in particular for children and youth
  • Improvement of access to and quality of health services, including reproductive and preventive child health care
  • Increased prevention and reduction of lifestyle-related diseases 
  • Improvement of prevention and treatment of communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS and TB)




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