The programme aimed to improve the population’s health in Estonia and reduce health inequalities by focusing on mental health problems and communicable diseases in prisons.

The programme addressed mental health, life-style (particularly harmful alcohol consumption) and health of vulnerable groups such as children and prisoners.

In Estonia, the mental health sphere suffers from the biggest gaps in financing and the lack of integration of relevant sectors and services. The programme area and activities were related to national priorities and legislative instruments such as the National Health Plan 2009-2020 (PDF)(NHP).




Developed in the programme:

  • Integrated services concept for children´s mental health
  • 4 mental health centres - TallinnTartuPärnu and Ida-Viru
  • 4 mental health counselling offices - Narva, Põlva, Võru and Valga
  • 3 web portals -,,
  • 4 smartphone apps were developed for preventing self-harm and suicidal behaviourdepression and sleeping problems.
  • 958 people got training on public health topics
  • 1015 youth attended mental health lectures
  • 6535 e-counseling
  • 2 social campaigns were carried out about alcohol harms and tolerance about heavy alcohol drinking  - Uncle Alco and Passiv drinking
  • 2 rehabilitation programs for providing long-term rehabilitation service for children with severe mental health problems
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